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Sunday, June 13, 2010

For Immediate Release: Walang Hiya Anthology Now Available


New Literary Anthology Features 32 Filipino Writers on the Verge

(San Francisco, CA) Presented by Carayan Press, Walang Hiya…Literature Taking Risks Toward Liberatory Practice is a groundbreaking collection of poetry and short fiction by today’s most established and anticipated Filipino and Filipino-American Writers. Walang Hiya, a term traditionally used to shame has been reclaimed through this body of work to examine the taboo in our communities with fresh, honest and unflinching voices.

Educators and community groups can also use the collection as a tool in the classroom. Walang Hiya…Literature Taking Risks Toward Liberatory Practice features a study guide to creatively explore the themes of migration, identity and empowerment.

Advance Praise:

“I say the hidden cultural meaning of Walang Hiya is “Bring It On.” This collection certainly brings it on with all of the melodrama, pleasure seeking, and comedy that is identity and the diaspora.”

- Joel B. Tan, author of “Monster” and “Type O Negative”

“Walanghiya ka (You have no shame.) Nakakahiya. (It is shameful). Mahiya ka naman (You should be ashamed of yourself.). In Philippine culture, these words are meant to shame not only those who are corrupt or intentionally harm others but also those who are different, unique, radical. This amazing anthology…affirms that the process of reclaiming a word signifies a liberating ideology, and features engaging, interrogative, and brilliantly written texts that enable us to understand diaspora nationalism.”

- Joi Barrios, Lecturer of Filipino and Philippine Literature, University of California Berkeley

WHAT: Release of Walang Hiya…Literature Taking Risks Toward Liberatory Practice

WHO: Edited by Lolan Buhain Sevilla and Roseli Ilano. Featuring short fiction and poetry from emerging Pilipino and Pilipino-American writers:

Adrien Salazar, Aimee Suzara, Aldrich Sabac, Amalia Bueno, David Maduli, Dionisio Velasco, Edene Matutina, Eileen Tabios, Ellen-Rae Cachola, Elsa Valmidiano, Emily Lawsin, Grace Talusan, Jen Palmares Meadows, Jenny C. Lares, Joan Iva Cube, Kristen Sajonas, Laurel Fantauzzo, Lolan Buhain Sevilla, Melanie Dulfo, Melissa Reyes, Michael Janairo, Michelle Ferrer, Niki Escobar, Paul Ocampo, Pippi Prado, Rachel Gray, Regie Cabico, Ricco Villanueva Siasoco, Roseli Ilano, Thomas Paras, Tina Bartolome. Artwork by Arlene Rodrigo and Aimee Espiritu.

WHERE: Available for direct order at, Carayan Press, and independent booksellers near you beginning June 12, 2010.

PRICE: $18.95

Roseli Ilano 510-326-1440

Lolan Buhain Sevilla 510-604-2843